Thursday, February 10, 2011


"We are living and breathing history," Al Jazeera reporter just said on Live Stream.

This movement is unprecedented. Inshallah, Egyptians will have true representation and no longer live under Mubarak and his regime's repression after tonight. One step at a time. Reform is near! Hopefully, it will be a peaceful transition. Mubarak is a symbol of 30 years of dictatorship, corruption, and tyranny!

My photo in ABC News to show solidarity for Egyptians here. No more oppression, occupation, corruption, convolution!

Only through social justice movements and via the power of the peaceful can human rights be realized. Self-determination is a basic human right for all and I especially hope it is realized among my Egyptian, Tunisian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese cousins!

Excellent live reporting from Sharif Abdel Kouddous from Democracy Now! Tahrir #Egypt anticipating a peaceful transition and reform. Nawal Al Saadawi wants Mubarak to stay in country so he can be tried... not a bad idea!

Why Egyptian aka Papyrus Revolution is not about Islam.

Live stream of Mubarak's speech (was pre-recorded). Tahrir aka "Liberation square has become a small village of volunteers," according to Al Jazeera. Will Mubarak step down from Presidency? Is this a matter of semantics? Or of technicalities? We will know in a few moments so stay tuned...

Apparently Mubarak is NOT listening and instead delivered a patronizing speech! Protesters still shouting: "We will not leave, he will leave!" HARAM! WAVE YOUR SHOE IN DERISION!

My Georgetown University professor, Samer Shehata, is interviewed here on PBS.

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