Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Digital Media's Role in the Egyptian Uprising

Totally was/is a contributing tool to the ongoing revolution. gets it right here. But this has certainly been brewing for over a decade... in related news Syria Opens Facebook, Youtube, first time in five years.

DemocracyNow!, I have to take a moment to say, has done excellent coverage in English over the past two weeks on the developments of the Egyptian revolution. Al Jazeera Arabic & English and BBC Arabic are great sources too but thank you producers of DemNow! for disseminating necessary information among Americans and throughout the blogosphere. Sharif Abdel Kouddous is on point with questioning activists on what exactly they are calling for in this interview.

* The Papyrus Revolution quote of the week: "The longer it lasts, the more beautiful and creative the revolution becomes."

Power to peaceful right to assembly #Egypt!

Some photos from a twitter friend in Cairo complied on Feb. 9 here.

ElShaheeed posts

Will leave you with some powerful spoken word from Palestinian-American poet and playwright, Suheir Hammad.


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