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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution: A Democracy Now! Special on Mubarak’s Resignation

Here's a link to the the Democracy Now! TRANSCRIPT I helped transcribe and type up for Feb. 11, 2011 live coverage from Cairo. Please share.

Also, my friend, Liam Stack is celebrating in the streets with the rest of Cairo and Egypt in a video here!

Amazing positive energy and chanting "Enough ~ the people made the regime fall!"

(Ashaab khalas asqat anizam!) الشعب خلاس أسقط النظام

Finally, "Hey hey -- ho ho -- THE PEOPLE MADE MUBARAK GO! Ain't no power like the power of the people because the POWER OF THE PEOPLE DON'T STOP!"

الف مبروك يا مصريين

Footage from our Austin Rally for Solidarity with the Egyptian People is here.

Al Jazeera reports today that Egypt's army vows a smooth transition

Other interesting recent must-reads from:
Electronic Intifada
The New Yorker
The Guardian
Everything from Jadaliyya.com

Friday, February 11, 2011

11/2/11 حرية = FREEDOM

Everyone keeps asking what's next?!

Mohamed ElBaradei, Egyptian opposition figure; Ayman Nour, former presidential candidate, Al Ghad party; Adhaf Soueif, Egyptian writer and political commentator; Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief; Hossam El Hamalawy, pro-democracy campaigner; Ali Abdel Wahab, pro-democracy campaigner; & Barack Obama give their two cents here.

Today's impressions from Cairo via Jadaliyya.com.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


"We are living and breathing history," Al Jazeera reporter just said on Live Stream.

This movement is unprecedented. Inshallah, Egyptians will have true representation and no longer live under Mubarak and his regime's repression after tonight. One step at a time. Reform is near! Hopefully, it will be a peaceful transition. Mubarak is a symbol of 30 years of dictatorship, corruption, and tyranny!

My photo in ABC News to show solidarity for Egyptians here. No more oppression, occupation, corruption, convolution!

Only through social justice movements and via the power of the peaceful can human rights be realized. Self-determination is a basic human right for all and I especially hope it is realized among my Egyptian, Tunisian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese cousins!

Excellent live reporting from Sharif Abdel Kouddous from Democracy Now! Tahrir #Egypt anticipating a peaceful transition and reform. Nawal Al Saadawi wants Mubarak to stay in country so he can be tried... not a bad idea!

Why Egyptian aka Papyrus Revolution is not about Islam.

Live stream of Mubarak's speech (was pre-recorded). Tahrir aka "Liberation square has become a small village of volunteers," according to Al Jazeera. Will Mubarak step down from Presidency? Is this a matter of semantics? Or of technicalities? We will know in a few moments so stay tuned...

Apparently Mubarak is NOT listening and instead delivered a patronizing speech! Protesters still shouting: "We will not leave, he will leave!" HARAM! WAVE YOUR SHOE IN DERISION!

My Georgetown University professor, Samer Shehata, is interviewed here on PBS.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Digital Media's Role in the Egyptian Uprising

Totally was/is a contributing tool to the ongoing revolution. Jadaliyya.com gets it right here. But this has certainly been brewing for over a decade... in related news Syria Opens Facebook, Youtube, first time in five years.

DemocracyNow!, I have to take a moment to say, has done excellent coverage in English over the past two weeks on the developments of the Egyptian revolution. Al Jazeera Arabic & English and BBC Arabic are great sources too but thank you producers of DemNow! for disseminating necessary information among Americans and throughout the blogosphere. Sharif Abdel Kouddous is on point with questioning activists on what exactly they are calling for in this interview.

* The Papyrus Revolution quote of the week: "The longer it lasts, the more beautiful and creative the revolution becomes."

Power to peaceful right to assembly #Egypt!

Some photos from a twitter friend in Cairo complied on Feb. 9 here.

ElShaheeed posts

Will leave you with some powerful spoken word from Palestinian-American poet and playwright, Suheir Hammad.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just heard Parag Khanna speak at my school today at the LBJ Presidential library on geopolitics and Egypt. Check out his recent Feb. 4th interview on the Egyptian revolution and on TED Talks about the fundamental problem about borders, why he is for decentralization, and conceptualizing a potential borderless world.

It's good to know I share my alma mater with one of Esquire’s “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century,” who Wired refers to as a "smooth-talking wonderwonk."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Uprisings Hit the Arab World, but What Follows? - Newsweek

As a fellow activist, blogger, loyal Newsweek subscriber, and Master's student of Global Policy and Middle Eastern Studies, I have been passing along photos, videos, articles, and footage from some recent Solidarity Events I've participated in and planned in Austin, TX to virtual leader, ElShaheed.

Newsweek: It's not 'Rage Against the Regime,' though that catchy headline does rhyme with popular band, Rage Against the Machine, which I must admit rocks live. Instead, it's a majority of people's nonviolent rise up through PEACEFUL assembly for revolution -- for Egyptian freedom from Mubarak's oppressive and violent regime. It's all for Egyptian dignity.
Uprisings Hit the Arab World, but What Follows? - Newsweek

It is important to get the word out that there is a LARGE supportive network throughout the world, especially in Texas -- which has a 'conservative' reputation and influence on U.S. policies.

The Obama administration must reconsider its current relationships with Egypt, Israel, and the region at-large and hopefully seize this opportunity to turn away from past policies. An Open Letter to the President calls on Obama "to undertake a comprehensive review of US foreign policy on the major grievances voiced by the democratic opposition in Egypt and all other societies of the region." View ongoing signatures and/or sign here.

Some links to photos (from my iPhone so not best quality):

Feb. 5 demo & march in front of TX Capitol in solidarity with the people of Egypt & Tunisia
or try here

We even got some local FOX news coverage

Feb. 3 Open Panel discussion @ The University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs, co-sponsors included Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Jan. 29 solidarity demo in front of TX Capitol

UT-Austin's Daily Texan press coverage of our event.

Photos from Cairo, #Egypt

More interesting links & food for thought:

My contributing coverage from the week of Jan. 25

Finally, my friends and former colleagues from Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and from the Middle Eastern Studies scholarly blogosphere community put together Jadaliyya.com and this is only one of many interesting must-read pieces.

UPDATE and QUESTION: Maybe the reported Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the interim would not be so bad while the rest of the opposition gets themselves organized for speedy elections...???

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a radical clerically based group anymore. It reformed itself in the 1960s, condemns the use of violence, and participates in elections, for example.

Food for thought: My Georgetown University Professor of Arab Politics, Samer Shehata, shares his expertise on the perceived and so-called 'radical islamist' Muslim Brotherhood on NPR, on The Colbert Report and on Democracy Now!

Another friend and former Georgetown colleague, Shadi Hamid, wrote this for Slate

Check out this strange Facebook video: