Wednesday, November 5, 2008


FINALLY, AMERICA, WE HAVE AN INSPIRATIONAL, INTELLIGENT, ELOQUENT, SINCERE, IDEALISTIC, PASSIONATE, NON-WASPY LEADER!  Obama is revolutionary and we can only hope that he and his team will practice what they preach and I am offering my services and expertise to assist them all in our future endeavors :o)

I can't help but sob joyfully while listening to our President-Elect's acceptance speech.  Last night, as I celebrated this momentous victory by playing music, singing, dancing, and loving on 18th Street in DC around the corner from historic U Street-Cardozo, I realized and felt solidarity like I never have before.  I also felt how wonderful and memorable it is to witness the first black President-Elect in the US.  In his speech, Barack says simply, "I am forever grateful for what you have sacrificed to get this done... this victory belongs to YOU."  Unlike our last joke of a president whom I recall chanting to, "NOT MY PRESIDENT," at Dubbiya's counter-inauguration, Barack Obama is genuinely appreciative for all of us volunteers' hard work and overall democratic support that has manifested into a reality composed of the people, by the people, and certainly for the people. Thus, power to the people is where we are at, everybody!  

Today, the entire world is watching us and has HOPE that we are [disclaimer: the following adjectives may offend you or someone you know. If so, please CHANGE for the better of humanity :-p] not a nation of bigoted, ignorant, obese chumps. No. Our diverse, driven, and socially-conscious generations shined through, transcended barriers and have taken the cake. POSITIVE CHANGES are within our reach. THANK YOU everyone.  I love you and wish us all peace on Earth.